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Post by Nero on Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:54 pm

Here in the Supply Center, you exchange Neko Points for supplies and other cool stuff. Basically, a neko uses their points card, a card they get when they are born. You get points by completing jobs in the Job Center.

Here is our current inventory:

Shirt of their choice-40 points

Pants of their choice-25 points

Hoodie-45 points

Jacket-42 points

Sunglasses-20 points

Bronze necklace-100 points

Silver necklace-200 points

Golden necklace-400 points

Shoes of choice-35 points

Hat of choice-38 points

Luxury Meal for a day-800 points

Scientist bed for a night-800 points

Duck plush-100 points

An hour in the garden outside the confinement-1000 points

Will update!

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