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Akira Mitsuki Shukins Creation

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Akira Mitsuki Shukins Creation Empty Akira Mitsuki Shukins Creation

Post by Akira Mitsuki on Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:52 pm

Akira Mitsuki Shukin
First Name:Akira Mitsuki (2 part name, I liked both)
Last Name: Shukin

Personality:Outgoing, Friendly, A prankster, Rebellious(not evil), Shows her emotions, Caring
Body Type:Curvy but strong
Strengths:She is strong, intelligent, and clever
Weaknesses: She get grossed out by bones and gets angry easily.
Likes:Friends, Ducks, Water, Reading, the color blue, Dawn(hence her name Akira, which means clear, bright, dawn)
Dislikes:Being alone in the dark, Most math, people that can't take a prank/joke, people that gossip and /or make her angry easily

Extra: she found a bright blue pebble one day and carries it wherever she goes

i tried posting a link to the picture but it said i wasn't allowed to

Akira Mitsuki

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