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Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty Basic Rules

Post by Myu on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:10 am

You'll need to follow these rules to fit in with our community. Please read them for a better roleplaying experience.

1. Try to be polite as possible. We should all be friends here, right?
2. Swearing is allowed.
3. Romance should generally be kept to PG 13.
4. No spamming. All useless topics will be deleted, and offenders will be banned after repeated spamming. The Spam Can forum is the only real place you are allowed to spam in.
5. No godmodding. This is quite annoying, and offenders get themselves a good old ban if it gets out of control.
6. You will be permanently banned/deleted after three or so bans.
7. Please keep the drama down. This site is meant to be fun!
8. No auto-killing/hitting. This will be counted as godmodding.
9. Try to use good grammar and spelling. Also roleplay in third person.

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